My Life in London

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This blog is devoted to my short four months studying in London and everything I do/see along the way! :)

I was fortunate enough to go on one more final adventure before this wonderful semester comes to an end. Myself and a couple friends headed off to Barcelona, Spain for 5 days after all of our finals were over. It was so nice to get some sunshine for a change and enjoy some nice weather. Barcelona is a very beautiful place and I enjoyed relaxing after my tests. We spent most days exploring Barcelona by metro and by walking. We went almost everyday to the beach and the one day that we didn’t, we spent visiting Barcelona’s tourist destinations. We climbed up to Parc Güell where we were able to look at Barcelona from a whole new view. The scenery was amazing as you can see in my picture ( my pictures don’t do it justice! ). After we were finished at Parc Güell, we walked down to the famous church Sagrada Familia, although we did not go inside the church, the outside was amazingly beautiful and detailed. I truly enjoyed my time in Barcelona and am so thankful I was able to go, but after 5 days I was ready to come back ‘home’ to London. I’ve missed it and I only have 3 short bittersweet days left to enjoy it. The next few days I plan to spend with the friends I’ve made here and take in the sights one last time (at least for now!). London never seizes to amaze me each day :)